• Did you suffer an injury  in a car accident that was not your fault?
  • Do You Worry about filing a law suit and going to court?
  • Do you think that getting a top rate lawyer would be beyond your means?
  • Did another driver injure you in a car accident and now insurance won’t pay all your costs?

Well Stop Worrying, We Have You Covered. 

Car Accident Lawyer In Toronto

We’ll take care of every last detail for you, and often through tough negotiation on your behalf, get you full and fair compensation without you ever having to step foot in a courtroom.

We offer a completely free consultation on your situation, for you by one of our experienced car accident lawyers.

If  legal action is your only action, but you worry about filing a lawsuit and going to court; Well stop worrying. We settle the majority of cases out of court with no need for a trial. We can answer all of your questions pertaining to personal injury law.

We can get you the fair and just compensation you deserve from insurance adjusters.

The Big Question is:

“What Compensation Am I Entitled to?”

The Answer:

Money to cover damages, lost wages, maintaining your lifestyle, hiring professionals to do the work that your injuries don’t allow you to do, like house cleaning, yard work, taxi service and so much more…

We will handle all this for you, by knowing your rights to the benefits you deserve.The pain and suffering you endured, all this is worth something to you. We will fight for all the legal compensation you are entitled to for what another has put you through.

Let one of our compassionate, professional car accident lawyers help you get all that you deserve.Call the number on this page to have a free consultation with one of our staff today.

Let us do all the worrying for you, call right now!

If you find yourself in need of a lawyer you’re probably under a lot of stress. Not only do you have to be worrying about dealing with your auto insurance claim, but you also have to worry about getting your car fixed. In some really unfortunate accidents you may even find yourself hurt and out of work.

Whether or not you need a lawyer with all of these sudden worries dropped on your shoulders it’s understandable if you don’t know who to turn to. This website was created to serve as a consumer’s guide to finding and working with the right Toronto car accident lawyer. By reading it in its entirety you will learn:

  • The kinds of car accidents that usually require a trial, and the kinds that don’t
  • FAQ on how to hire the best lawyer
  • What is a personal injury lawyer, and what can they help you with
  • What no-fault insurance is and what it does

This page will provide you with some basic information on finding and evaluating a  car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer.

Where to Look for Legal Help In Toronto

You’ve already taken the first step in looking for the best  car accident lawyer in Toronto for your case. Most people think that the best way to find a lawyer is through a friend’s referral. Just because Uncle Joe had a good experience with his law firm doesn’t mean that you will, too.

By looking online and educating yourself about what a law firm  does and how they can help people, you’ll know what you’re looking for. Then, you can look for a personal injury lawyer that can help you.

By evaluating their website with the tips below, you’ll know whether or not you want to arrange for an initial consultation. This step is important, though, because it will help you and your lawyer determine the amount of  claim you can expect if you go to trial. Sometimes it isn’t worth it for you or the lawyer to pursue the case.

Evaluating Your Attorney

The first step in finding the right lawyer is taking a look at his or her firm’s website. You want to look for three things:

  1. Do they handle cases like yours? Look at their areas of practice and see if they have any expertise dealing with situations like yours. It doesn’t have to be exact, but they should have experience with cases somewhat similar to your own.
  2. Do they have testimonials on their site? A law firm with clients happy enough to publish testimonials on their website is doing a pretty good job winning cases and arranging settlements.
  3. Check their online reviews. If they’re overwhelmingly positive, that’s a good sign. Pay extra attention to negative reviews, though, as these websites are full of people who are never satisfied. Competitors may also file bogus negative reviews.

Toronto car accident injuryOnce you’ve found someone that can help you with your injury or car wreck, see that he’s helped other clients win their litigation and earn large settlements, you should then arrange for an initial consultation. By looking on their site you’ll find a contact form or phone number that can help you get the process started.

After you get to your lawyer’s office you want to check for a few more things. Make sure that you feel respected. He or She should take any injury seriously. You should also look for a representative that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure justice is served.

Common Areas of Practice

Now that you know what to look for in a  lawyer, you need to know what areas of practice they usually cover. The following list is representative of most law firms, but it is not comprehensive. If you’re not sure if your car crash or fall can be covered by your lawyer you should pick up the phone and ask. Many firms are capable of handling fringe cases.

  • Car accident lawyers provide services that help you receive the maximum compensation for property damage, health bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages as the result of car accident, truck accident, bus accident, motorcyle accident  or any other type of motor vehicle collision.
  • Personal injury lawyers can typically help you with claims related to any type of injury that isn’t your fault. For instance, equipment malfunctions, air plane and boat wrecks, and even health conditions caused by medications or medical devices. If you’re hurt at no fault of your own, a personal injury lawyer can help.
  • Medical malpractice lawyers focus on damages caused by a failure to practice safe medicine. In some cases it may involve prescription drugs, while in others it may involve failed surgeries.

You may have noticed that there is some overlap in the services provided by these types of lawyers. Many law firms have professionals that have specific expertise in an individual practice. Contact us today to see if they can help you with your case.

Common Personal Injuries

While this list does represent the most common personal injuries clients experience, there are others. Again, if you were hurt at no fault of your own, then you may have a case and you should contact your lawyer.

  • Slip and fall on someone else’s property, especially when the property isn’t well maintained
  • Falling or being injured at the workplace
  • Product malfunctions or defects, including consumer products and commercial machinery
  • Dog bites

Common Car Accident Injury

The following car accident injuries are common and we can help you with all of them. If you have experienced an injury not listed here, you should still reach out for help from your lawyer.

  • Brain and head injuries ranging from a concussion to traumatic brain injury
  • Spine and back injuries caused by the torque of the collision. Discs can be fractured and crushed. Your mobility can be extremely limited. Even those with mild back pain may have cause for a claim
  • Psychological injuries are caused by the traumatic experience of the car accident and may impact your ability to continue living life as normal
  • A neck injury, such as whiplash, can be serious and often result in compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering

Again, there are many more injuries that your lawyer can help you take to court. Speak with yours today to find out whether or not you have a case. By reading all of the information on this site you’ll be able to make a well informed decision when it’s time to go to trial.


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